Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information


Australian Skilled Migrants – Candidate Information Sheet.

Please Read And Understand The Key Requirements Of Qualifying For An Australia Skilled Migrant Visa. If You Do Not Meet These Requirements, You Will Not Qualify For An Australian Skilled Migrant Visa, And We Cannot Proceed Further To Assist You.

The Visa application process is rigorous and there are no shortcuts. All information that you provide will be thoroughly checked by New Beginnings Skills International & our Partners, Employers, the Australian Government and Skills Assessment Authorities. Failure to provide the valid & accurate information requested in a timely manner will result in your application being rejected and we cannot proceed further.

The key requirements include:

  • Aged 18-45 years. No exceptions for skilled migration applicants.
  • Good health. Subject to a health examination by accredited providers. – if a candidate has a serious health condition, they are likely to be rejected. This includes accompanying dependent family members.
  • Police & Security checks – if a candidate has a criminal record, they are likely to be rejected. This includes accompanying dependent family members.
  • English Proficiency – see Australian Immigration link for more information. New Beginnings Skills International can arrange pre-assessments and training with our partner EnglishWise, Australia’s leading English language training and assessment company.
  • Skills Occupation List – The occupation that you apply for must be on the Skills Occupation List. There are over 674 occupations listed under the Australian Skilled Migration Program and each role stipulates the qualifications and experience requirements along with a job description and tasks. It also describes how your skills and experience will be assessed by a government appointed agency. If you do not have the required qualifications and experience, then you will not qualify for a Skilled Migrant Visa for this occupation, and we cannot proceed further.
  • Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse candidates please review this link which explains the requirements. –
  • Fees & Costs – New Beginnings Skills International does not charge candidates a fee for finding employment in Australia. We charge our clients a fee (Australian employers) when they hire a referred candidate. A guide to as to who pays for the various services including pretesting, visa applications, migration agent & skills assessment is described in the section RESOURCES on our website.
    If a Candidate decides to independently engage services to support their Visa application, then they are responsible for all associated costs. These will not be reimbursed by New Beginnings Skills International or an Australian Employer unless otherwise agreed to beforehand in writing.
    Please note that in most cases a sponsoring employer will not pay the costs of the visa applications and relocations costs of accompanying dependent family members
  • Migration Agents – New Beginnings Skills International are not a migration agent. However, we have an arrangement with Fragomen, one the world’s leading migration agents who have 60 international offices covering more than 120 countries. Fragomen can support Clients and Candidates through the visa application process. Fragomen are renowned for their knowledge of Australian migration law and procedures.
    Australian Employers may choose to use their preferred Migration Agency for both them and their candidates.
    Individual candidates may use their own Migration Agent subject to confirmation by New Beginnings Skills International and our Partners. However, please ensure that they are reputable and have a long-standing experience of Australian Govt requirements. New Beginnings Skills International , our Partners and Clients will not accept any responsibility for performance or misconduct of a Migration Agent appointed by a candidate.
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