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Retail Jobs Career in Australia

The Expansion of the Retail Jobs Market in Australia

Retail jobs have exploded in Australia recently, especially for international job seekers. Due to such an exponential growth of the economy, the country has inadvertently attracted more professionals within the retail job sector. New Beginnings Skills, a renowned Retail Jobs and Recruitment Agency in Australia, is here to guide you through the exciting prospects that await in the Australian retail landscape.

The Need for Retail Job Seekers in Australia

Australia is a country that is very diverse and multicultural, which makes it an ideal environment for candidates from anywhere in the world, including Indians, Europeans, New Zealanders, and other international job seekers. Since there has been an immense amount of growth within the retail industry, there is a growth in the need for skilled professionals, creating a surge in opportunities for many international job seekers aiming to begin their careers in Australia.

New Beginnings Skills: The Agency paving a path for Retail Opportunities

It is not easy to embark upon the professional world as an international candidate in Australia, especially for those new to the country. This is where New Beginnings Skills steps in as a dedicated Retail Jobs Agency and Recruitment Agency in Australia. We are known for matching the right candidate with the most appropriate job within the retail industry, ensuring that the transition is seamless.

Visa Sponsorship Availability within the Retail industry

For international job seekers aspiring to establish a retail career in Australia, New Beginnings Skills offers a distinctive advantage, such as connecting you with organisations and other agencies which can help sponsor your visa.. The primary motive of providing international candidates with such benefits is to allow them some security pertaining to their jobs so as to help them build a successful career within the retail sector.

Embrace a Fulfilling Retail Career in Australia

For most international job seekers, retail is a step towards a successful and prosperous career. With a variety of roles that range from sales and merchandising to customer service as well as management, a career in retail in Australia is highly promising and ensures the growth and fulfilment of job seekers.

The retail job market in Australia is on an impressive upward trajectory, offering lucrative benefits to international job seekers. Beginning a new career path for yourself in retail can be challenging; however, with New Beginnings Skills as your agency, you can be rest assured that such a transition occurs smoothly and without any hurdles. Contact New Beginnings Skills today and open the door to endless possibilities.
Take advantage of this opportunity and explore the rewarding options available in the Australian retail sector.

Top Retail Job Occupations in Australia

Australia has a highly robust retail industry with a number of prospects available to everyone, whether it be locals or international citizens such as Indians, Filipinos, Americans, Europeans or any other nationalities. New Beginnings Skills offers many services to anybody hoping to start a career in retail.

The All-Inclusive Appeal

Australia has a highly inclusive environment when it comes to its retail industry. It encourages inviting nationals from anywhere in the world so as to bring in talent and ensure long-term growth. Every nationality, including international job seekers from India, Europe, South America, or elsewhere, usually finds the most welcoming atmosphere wherein they can begin and sustain a viable career.

Top Retail Job Occupations

  • Sales Agents: They’re the backbone of retail, interacting with customers and bringing in revenue.
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Retail Manager
  • Retail Pharmacist
  • Sales & marketing Manager
  • Supply & Distributing Managers
  • Visual Merchandisers: Crafting beautiful displays that grasp attention is an art. Visual merchandisers completely transform a store’s aesthetic in a manner that makes the customer notice their products more.
  • Store Managers: Behind the scenes, store managers keep operations running smoothly. Their responsibilities consist of managing the staff, keeping tabs on the inventory as well as acquiring the sales targets.
  • Customer Service Representatives: Exceptional customer service is paramount. These individuals help assist customers by hearing out their concerns and choosing the right product for their needs.
  • Retail Buyers: Behind every well-stocked store is a retail buyer. Such professionals track consumer trends and work with suppliers in order to develop products that are in demand.
  • Retail Analysts: The key to success is data-driven decision-making. A retail analyst uses consumer behaviour to guide strategic decisions.

New Beginnings Skills serve as a bridge between aspiring retail professionals and their dream jobs. As a Retail Jobs Agency and Recruitment Agency in Australia, we leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to match candidates with roles that align with their skills and ambitions.

How our Process Works?

Different Sectors We Work With

  • Road Transport & Logistics
  • Public Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Waste & Circular Economy
  • Property Services
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Minerals & Resources
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Health & Aged Care
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Public Administration
  • Professional Services
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Our Team

Managing Director Paul Birch is originally from the UK and has more than 35 years of experience working for major corporations in Human Resources, Health & Safety, Corporate Communications, and Ethics & Compliance. It includes 25 years as a C Suite Executive with Global and Regional responsibilities.

New Beginnings Skills is establishing a network of partners/affiliates in Australia, India, China, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. New countries will be added to our network during 2023 to include New Zealand, UK, Thailand & United Arab Emirates. All our Australian and overseas partners are successful leaders and organisations.

Paul has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, India, and UAE and has held responsibilities covering multiple countries. His industry sector experience includes Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Airlines, Oil & Gas, EPC, and Multi-Modal Public Transport.

During his career, he has led recruitment teams responsible for large-scale domestic and international sourcing. He has conducted international recruitment for all levels, including CEO, MD, Executive, and General Management positions. During his years in the industry, Paul has established extensive international and domestic networks and connections whom he can call upon to support the business.

Director Rahel Birch, originally from Ethiopia, has lived and worked in the UAE and Australia and has more than 15 years of experience working for international Retail and Airline brands. She was a Cabin Crew Manager during her nine years with Etihad International Airline in the UAE. She has experience in being trained and working at the highest levels of customer service, hospitality, safety, and team leadership. Rahel has travelled extensively with her work and is multilingual.

Srini Srinivasan, originally from India and based in Melbourne, Australia is a very experienced international Human Resources Executive who has worked for large Australian and international organisations across diverse sectors including manufacturing, aviation, banking, brewing and public transport.

A highly regarded professional, Srini is an accredited change manager and situational leader having held regional responsibilities covering executive and leadership sourcing, large scale recruitment, business transformation, M&A and transitions, leading bidding workstreams for major tenders, developing performance, reward & recognition frameworks, operating model design & re-engineering processes, project managing key programs roll-out including HRIS and payroll system implementation.

Our Values

We are committed to doing things the right way. If something is not legal or ethical, we will not do it.

Ethics and Compliance

Professionalism is key to all our operations. We are highly client and candidate focused in all our operations.

Excellent Service

We understand the needs of a constantly changing and evolving environment. We will continuously challenge ourselves to improve and innovate.

Quality & Innovation

Our Managing Director, Paul Birch, has more than 35 years of experience working for major international corporations.


We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping our Clients find the right candidates.


Salary Guide For Retail Jobs in Australia

New Beginnings Skills is one of the most reputed agencies in Australia that can provide accurate salary guidelines for retail jobs in Australia. In the changing world of workers in the retail industry, New Beginnings Skills stands out as a reliable source of support for people from various backgrounds, including Indians, Filipinos, Europeans or any other nationalities. As an agency, we specialise in navigating the landscape of retail employment to ensure that both job seekers and employers have the necessary knowledge. We understand the demands of the job market and tailor our services accordingly at New Beginnings Skills. Whether you’re a worker looking for insights into retail jobs or an employer seeking to optimise your workforce, our carefully curated salary guide provides invaluable assistance. Work with us now and unlock a wealth of opportunities. Make informed decisions in the world of retail employment Down Under.

For instance,

  • A merchandising assistant in Sydney makes an average of A$ 60,000/annum, and the same in Melbourne.
  • An assistant manager makes an average of about A$75,000/annum in Sydney and A$70,000/annum in Melbourne.
  • A buying assistant can earn an average of A$60,000/annum, depending on their proficiency level.
  • As for an assistant buyer, the annual pay scale ranges between A$65,000 and A$75,000 for different Australian suburbs.

This is what the remuneration range within the retail industry appears like. However, it does come with certain additional benefits as well.

As a retail services agency in Australia, we have built a collaborative network that connects all prospective employees with the leading employers in the retail industry. We aim to achieve a balance between the demand and supply of skills within the retail industry and foster the growth of the best talent from all over the world.

So, if you are looking for retail jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship or jobs specifically targeting Indians, Filipinos, Europeans or any other nationalities, connect with us at New Beginnings Skills. We are a retail services recruitment agency in Australia that works with overseas partners to connect job seekers and active employers to curb the demand for skilled candidates in Australia. To know more about our services or to resolve any queries about starting a retail services career in Australia, connect with us today!

We can help you getting skilled job in Australia!


While there are certainly many jobs that sponsor visas for international candidates, it is completely dependent upon the organisation and if the occupation is in the Skill Occupation Lists. However, New Beginnings Skills can always help you find visa sponsors and help connect you with the right clients

Retail in Australia supports diversity and often hires people from different backgrounds. Retail businesses are hiring international citizens, including Indians and Filipinos, for the right jobs all over Australia. We are experts at matching people from different nationalities with suitable retail jobs in Australia at New Beginnings Skills. You can rest assured that Australia has retail opportunities that accept Indians, Filipinos, Europeans or any other nationalities, and other foreign workers ready to contribute their skills.

A retail career in Australia offers many advantages and opportunities to both native and foreign nationals, from diverse job opportunities and competitive salaries to numerous benefits and job security. This makes a retail career in Australia highly sought after.

A retail services recruitment agency in Australia can assist with several retail jobs, including merchandising, assistant planning, assistant buying and many more. They can also help fill roles for sales associates, boutique and store managers, as well as assistant boutique and store managers.

A retail recruitment agency in Australia specialises in connecting retail industry leaders with qualified candidates for numerous job vacancies. As a leading agency in the area, we handle the screening and selection process to help candidates as well as the companies.

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