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Road Transport and Logistics
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The Road Transport and Logistics Industry at a Glance

Australia’s road transport and logistics industry serves as the backbone of commerce, ensuring a safe and steady movement of goods across the country. Contributing AUD$360 billion to Australia’s GDP, the road transport and logistics sector commands a remarkable 9% of the country’s economic output1. In November 2021, the industry employed approximately 1.18 million individuals, a number projected to soar to 1.26 million by 2025. According to Infrastructure Australia’s October 2021 report, labour demand for construction careers is set to peak at a potential shortfall of 93,000 workers in early 2023, a striking 48% higher than the projected supply. So, to bridge this gap between the demand and supply of labour, the road transport and logistics industry is going to offer logistics jobs in Australia for skilled migrants. This opportunity will serve as a door for those in the industry who are looking to migrate to Australia to get job opportunities. If you are planning to build a logistics career in Australia, now is the right time. This opportunity will address the workforce shortage and foster diversity within the road transport and logistics industry, reinforcing its innovations and dynamics. To sum up, this initiative of offering new transport jobs in Australia aligns with the broader strategy of welcoming migrants to contribute to its economic development.

Top Transport and Logistics Jobs in Australia

Transport and logistics jobs in Australia offer a dynamic and rewarding career path for professionals with diverse backgrounds. From truck drivers and warehouse supervisors to supply chain analysts and customs brokers, the industry offers a wide range of logistics careers suited to various skill sets and interests. So, whatever your educational qualifications and expertise might be, you can find the right opportunities for building a profitable logistics/transport career in Australia. With ongoing growth and high demand for labour, the industry provides numerous job openings across different levels, making it a robust employment sector. Here are some of the most sought-after transport and logistics jobs in Australia:

  • Truck Driver
  • Freight Coordinator
  • Logistics Manager
  • Warehouse Supervisor

How our Process Works?

Different Sectors We Work With

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Our Team

Managing Director Paul Birch is originally from the UK and has more than 35 years of experience working for major corporations in Human Resources, Health & Safety, Corporate Communications, and Ethics & Compliance. It includes 25 years as a C Suite Executive with Global and Regional responsibilities.

New Beginnings Skills is establishing a network of partners/affiliates in Australia, India, China, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. New countries will be added to our network during 2023 to include New Zealand, UK, Thailand & United Arab Emirates. All our Australian and overseas partners are successful leaders and organisations.

Paul has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, India, and UAE and has held responsibilities covering multiple countries. His industry sector experience includes Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Airlines, Oil & Gas, EPC, and Multi-Modal Public Transport.

During his career, he has led recruitment teams responsible for large-scale domestic and international sourcing. He has conducted international recruitment for all levels, including CEO, MD, Executive, and General Management positions. During his years in the industry, Paul has established extensive international and domestic networks and connections whom he can call upon to support the business.

Director Rahel Birch, originally from Ethiopia, has lived and worked in the UAE and Australia and has more than 15 years of experience working for international Retail and Airline brands. She was a Cabin Crew Manager during her nine years with Etihad International Airline in the UAE. She has experience in being trained and working at the highest levels of customer service, hospitality, safety, and team leadership. Rahel has travelled extensively with her work and is multilingual.

Srini Srinivasan, originally from India and based in Melbourne, Australia is a very experienced international Human Resources Executive who has worked for large Australian and international organisations across diverse sectors including manufacturing, aviation, banking, brewing and public transport.

A highly regarded professional, Srini is an accredited change manager and situational leader having held regional responsibilities covering executive and leadership sourcing, large scale recruitment, business transformation, M&A and transitions, leading bidding workstreams for major tenders, developing performance, reward & recognition frameworks, operating model design & re-engineering processes, project managing key programs roll-out including HRIS and payroll system implementation.

Our Values

We are committed to doing things the right way. If something is not legal or ethical, we will not do it.

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Professionalism is key to all our operations. We are highly client and candidate focused in all our operations.

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Our Managing Director, Paul Birch, has more than 35 years of experience working for major international corporations.


We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping our Clients find the right candidates.


Salary Guide for Logistics and Transport Jobs in Australia

Before you make your decision to move to a foreign country, it’s always smart to study their professional landscape and make an informed choice. As a leading transport and logistics recruitment agency in Australia we are familiar with the job market and the remuneration offer for different profiles within the industry.

Here’s our basic salary guide for some major road transport and logistics Jobs in Australia:

  • A Supply Chain Analyst can expect an average annual salary of approximately A$80,000 in Sydney and around A$70,000 to A$80,000 in Melbourne.
  • An Operations Manager can make an average of A$140,000/annum in Sydney and A$122,000/annum in Melbourne.
  • A Diesel Mechanic can easily make and average of A$71,000 a year in NSW Sydney and around A$90,000 in WA Perth.
  • A Project Manager can make an average of A$112,000/annum in Sydney and A$100,000/annum Perth.
  • A Fleet Manager can earn an average salary of about A$100,000 to A$120,000/annum in Sydney and roughly A$90,000 to A$110,000/annum in Melbourne.
  • A Warehouse Coordinator can earn an average of A$65,000/annum in Melbourne and A$72,000/annum in Canberra.
  • A Stock/Inventory Controller can make an average of A$122,000/annum in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • A Storeperson can earn around A$90,000/annum in Perth and A$56,000/annum in Canberra.
  • A Truck Driver can earn an average of around A$85,000/annum in Sydney and A$65,000/annum in Melbourne.

At New Beginnings Skills, we will be trusted partners in unlocking the doors to a successful and rewarding logistics/transport career in Australia. With a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics and evolving trends, we have earned our reputation as a leading overseas transport and logistics recruitment agency in Australia, dedicated to matching skilled professionals with top-notch employers. So, if you are looking for road transport and logistics Jobs in Australia for Indians or Filipinos, connect with us today. Also, if you need any clarifications regarding logistics/transport jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship, you can reach out to our experts.

We can help you getting skilled job in Australia!

The Best Jobs in Transportation and Logistics

In the wide spectrum of the Australian job market, a few sectors, such as transportation and logistics, are some of the most promising ones that stand tall. As Australia’s economic growth is consistently growing and expanding because of global trade and domestic consumption, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals has significantly grown in this industry. From metropolitan city hubs to regional areas, the logistics industry in the Australian job market holds a significant part of the commerce, accelerating the need to hire new individuals for jobs in transportation and logistics.

With advancements in modern technicalities, better operational strategies, and innovative supply chain practices, the transportation and logistics industry has evolved into a multifaceted domain at a large scale. These advancements have made the industry vast, leading to the growth of job opportunities.

A wide range of jobs, all essential to the efficient operation of the supply chain ecosystem, is located at the centre of this booming industry. The diversity of employment within transportation and logistics caters to a wide range of skill sets and interests, from logistic managers who manage operations to logistics coordinators who arrange advanced freight transfers.

Furthermore, Australia is a key participant in international commerce routes due to its advantageous geographic location as a gateway between the East and the West. In addition, the nation’s steady economy and dedication to infrastructure development further solidify its standing as a hub for logistics experts looking for fulfilling employment possibilities.

If you are an international job seeker, you may find it difficult to navigate the complexities of job search and recruitment procedures to carve out a place in Australia’s transportation and logistics sector. To bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, our experts at New Beginnings Skills step in and provide unparalleled support..

With years of expertise and an extensive network of contacts in the industry, we at New Beginning Skills are experts at connecting qualified candidates with prestigious companies in the logistics and transportation industry. Whether you’re a seasoned logistics expert looking to advance in your career or a recent graduate hoping to start a rewarding career in the field, our team of dedicated recruiters is here to help you every step of the way.

From resume optimisation and interview preparation to personalised career coaching, we offer you an ideal range of services to increase your chances of landing the best job in transportation and logistics. So, choose us and start a rewarding career in one of the country’s most active industries.

How to Make a Career in Road Transport and Logistics Jobs in Australia?

The logistics industry in Australia drives global economic growth and development. If you want to be among these individuals and have a settled transportation and logistics career, you might wonder how. So, here’s what you need to follow –

  • Work Visa – To lawfully work in Australia, international job seekers must possess a valid visa with working rights. Your qualifications, experience, and intended employment will determine the particular visa you require. The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa (subclass 186), the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482), and the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) are a few popular work visa choices. Each visa’s requirements and application procedures vary, so it’s essential to check the official Australian government website.
  • Skills and Qualifications – Skilled experts are highly valued in the transport and logistics industry in Australia. Possessing pertinent credentials and abilities might improve your marketability and competitiveness. A degree or diploma in logistics, supply chain management, transportation, or a related profession may be helpful, depending on the exact function you are looking for. Vocational training or related industrial qualifications can also be advantageous.
  • English Language Proficiency – A good command of the English language is usually necessary to build a logistics career in Australia. Most businesses require foreign candidates to prove their English language proficiency by submitting documentation of their results from English language proficiency exams like the TOEFL or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The minimum scores needed may change according to the visa type and the particular employment criteria.
  • Experience – Possessing appropriate work experience in the logistics and transportation sector might greatly enhance your employment opportunities. Candidates with real-world expertise in fields like supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, or customs and border compliance are frequently given preference by employers.

How Can We Help You Get a Job in Transportation and Logistics in Australia?

At New Beginnings Skills, we recognise the need to find the best logistics jobs in Australia. We use our large database and rigorous market research to scan multiple job opportunities to help you secure the best job in the logistics industry. Furthermore, we can connect you with the best opportunities in Australia. Here’s how we help –

Pre and Post Arrival Support

It might be difficult to relocate for a job opportunity, so we provide thorough relocation settlement services to make the process easier for clients and candidates. We ensure the relocation process runs smoothly from beginning to end, helping with everything possible.

Initial Screening and Meeting

After receiving applications, our knowledgeable staff carefully evaluates each applicant to create a shortlist of the best fit. Next, we plan interviews, working in sync to suit everyone's schedules. We arrange interviews with candidates who get shortlisted to make sure their skills and compatibility match.


We collaborate closely with the client and candidate to build an offer that fulfils everyone's expectations after a suitable match has been found. We also perform background checks as needed to give everyone peace of mind. We help individuals in need of logistics jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship support at every stage, simplifying the procedure for a smooth move.


Interview preparation might be stressful, but with our experts on your side, you'll be well-prepared for success. To help candidates present themselves with professionalism and confidence, we offer interview readiness sessions specifically designed for the transportation and logistics industry.

Interview Feedback

We get input from both parties following the interview process to reinforce the candidate's commitment and resolve any issues. Our experts maintain open lines of communication and alignment with clients and applicants, establishing a fruitful and beneficial working relationship right away.


Yes, there are several transport and logistic companies in Australia that provide visa sponsorship for qualified international candidates. But not all jobs offer the same. So, it is always recommended to enquire about the same from the prospective employer.

Australia is home to a booming transport and logistics industry and is always welcoming licensed professionals from various backgrounds. If you have the right skills and experience, you can find yourself in the midst of several growth opportunities.

Yes, a career in Australia’s transport and logistics sector is a promising option considering a wide range of roles and opportunities for advancement.

A transport and logistics recruitment agency in Australia can assist with a variety of roles within the transport and logistics sector including truck drivers, logistics coordinators, supply chain analysts, fleet managers, etc.

Foreigners seeking road transport and logistics jobs in Australia can explore several visa options like:

  • Skilled work visas like Subclass 482 and Subclass 186
  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  • Working Holiday Visas (Subclass 417/462) offer short-term opportunities
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