Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

Our Vision is to be a major contributor to Australia’s long-term economic growth and prosperity by acquiring overseas high demand skills and providing a “New Beginning” for thousands of new skilled migrants starting a new life & career.

Moving to a new country to live and work is one of the most important life decisions an individual can make. It takes courage and the self-belief & determination to want a “New Beginning” for yourself and your loved ones in Australia.

We will help you decide if it is for you, and if you are eligible to apply for a Visa to live and work in Australia.

We have access to many Australian Commercial and Government Clients willing to sponsor and recruit skilled migrants on temporary or permanent Visas.

We will guide and support you throughout the process from initial expression of interest to starting work in Australia. Your success is our success. Comprehensive information is provided on our website including links to important sources. These are constantly updated with the latest information. We conduct free online information sessions and post Questions and Answers (Q&As) to brief and fully prepare you.

The Australian Government is now allowing international students who have recently graduated with skills relevant to skill shortages to live, study and work in Australia for up to two years post-graduation whilst providing pathways to permanent residency. Further information is provided in our FAQs section on this website.

Applying to live and work in Australia is a demanding process in terms of time and commitment. You need to be well organised and disciplined in attending interviews and promptly provide the required information.

Whilst a Sponsor (Employer) will cover most of the costs involved in recruiting a skilled migrant , they will not pay for everything. Candidates will be expected to cover a proportion of the total costs. These amounts will vary according to the Sponsor and other factors. Any costs that the candidate will incur will be transparent and explained upfront.

The Visa application process is rigorous and there are no shortcuts. All the information you provide must be genuine and verifiable. Providing false or misleading information is not acceptable and could result in you being disqualified from any future consideration by the Australian Immigration Authorities. It will also result in your automatic permanent removal from our candidate database.

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