Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

Australian skill shortages have reached a critical level and are forecast to continue for years. Why wait and hope that future migrants have the skills and experience needed to deliver services and products? That is what most Australian businesses have done in the past and continue doing. That is not a plan and a high-risk strategy that will see skill shortages continue and success to the highest bidder.

The cost of not having talent is significant in terms of lost business and penalties. We will help Clients develop a business case that clearly shows the benefits of hiring from overseas.

We help our Client’s (employers) source skilled talent willing to live and work in Australia and meet the criteria set by the Australian Government in qualifying for a Visa. Our Clients can be in Metro or Regional Australia – Commercial and Government.

We take a proactive approach to find the overseas skills that Australia needs and collaborate with Clients to bring them into the Australian workforce.

Using our knowledge of the various countries and by collaborating with experienced partners we source what Clients need and create a reliable talent pipeline that helps your business perform now and in the future.

Having the right talent in place will provide that competitive edge over many others who are struggling to deliver their services and products.
Hiring can be for temporary or permanent roles as specified by the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupation Lists.
Clients either need to be willing to sponsor a visa when hiring an overseas candidate, or the candidate can obtain a visa independently. We will guide and support you through the process by collaborating with our accredited specialist partners We maintain a pool of prequalified candidates who have the skills and experience matched to different industries and public sectors & occupations. This talent pool is constantly being developed & expanded so that only highly qualified candidates are presented to a Client.
We also take on specific short-term and long-term projects where a Client has a requirement for specific skills or volume hiring. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships and develop a deep understanding of our Client’s business needs.

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