Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

International students studying in Australia are a valuable source of talent for employers. These students are committed and hardworking young people who have the adaptability to work in many occupations. Many have specialist skills and experience that are highly sought by employers.

International Students can stay up to 5 years according to the course they are studying and can work during this period. Employers can offer different working arrangements including internships, part-time, casual, and fixed term.

To address workforce shortages, the Australian Government temporarily relaxed student visa work hours restrictions until 30 June 2023.

Until 30 June 2023, all ongoing students, new student arrivals and secondary applicants can work more than 40 hours a fortnight in any sector of the economy and work before their​ course of study commences.

​Effective 1st July 2023 capped hours will be re- introduced at 48 hours per fortnight. We maintain a pool of prequalified international student candidates who have the skills and experience matched to various locations, industry, public sectors & occupations. This talent pool is constantly being developed & expanded so that only quality candidates are presented to a Client.

The Australian government is now allowing international students who have recently graduated with skills relevant to skill shortages to live, study and work in Australia for up to two years post-graduation whilst providing pathways to permanent residency.
Further information is provided in our FAQs section on this website.

We provide training modules to International students to help them find employment. These will include.

  • English language coaching.
  • Job application, interviewing skills & Australian Employment Law and employer/Employee obligations.
  • Assimilation in Australia- culture and lifestyle.
  • Hospitality skill training
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Industrial Services training.
  • Health Care training.

We will collaborate with Clients to recruit the talent they need one a one-off basis or longer-term projects requiring larger numbers of hires. We aim to establish long-term relationships and build. a deep understanding of a Client’s business needs.

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