Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

The COVID pandemic has taught us the need for adaptability in organising our workforce and ways of working. Remote working is now a reality and does not affect performance. Low-cost communication channels such as TEAMS, Google Meet and Zoom have enabled employees and teams to stay connected and perform at a high level regardless of where they are located.

Employers can now hire skills residing overseas as part of their new organisational model. This approach has several benefits including.

  • Access to skills & talent not readily available in Australia.
  • Mitigation of domestic high turnover and skill shortages.
  • Mobilising projects and high-demand periods.
  • Competitive employment costs compared to Australia.
  • Where possible, the Client can directly hire talent, or via an accredited offshore services provider. We will help Clients investigate and implement this solution.

We work with leading international BPO organisations in several countries that provide outsourcing solutions across a range of occupations & specialists skills. We can source the required skills which can be engaged on a short term or for an extended period.

We will maintain a pool of prequalified candidates with the skills and experience matched to different industries, and public sectors & occupations. This talent pool is constantly being developed & expanded so that only highly qualified candidates are presented to a client.

We will collaborate with Clients on specific roles or longer-term projects. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships and develop a deep understanding of a Client’s business needs.

The range of skills and occupations offered have evolved way beyond just traditional “call centers.” More than fifty occupations with high performing senior & junior professional talents are available. They include Engineering, Finance & Accounting

Roles You Can Outsource

Outsourcing key functions can result in labour cost savings of more than 50% whilst providing access to experienced and qualified international talent.

The last few years have demonstrated that remote working is both practical and productive. Permanent & temporary remote outsourcing offers a real opportunity for Australian businesses to be more competitive and successful. Australian businesses are under increasing stress & risk caused by skill shortages, rising costs and interest rates, wage inflation, customer retention & global competition.

These services offer businesses greater profitability, continuity & flexibility in an ever-changing world.

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Increase your quotation & contract bidding capacity. Cost savings of more than 50%.

Work with professionals who can provide you with this crucial activity. An experienced estimator can provide reliable project life cycle costs, identify risks and contingencies. Our Partners have extensive experience in supporting both large & SME contracting businesses in bidding estimating including electrical, residential, building, engineering and consulting.

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