Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

We can provide various solutions ranging from supplementing a Clients recruitment team temporarily to a longer-term total Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Service. Services are tailored to fit our Client’s requirements.

Recruitment depts are under intense pressure to perform and deliver during a time of unprecedented skill shortages. Most Australian recruiters have never experienced such a shortage of available talent and are struggling to implement effective sourcing and recruitment strategies.

Organisations are experiencing high attrition and recruiters cannot find replacements quick enough or keep pace with the demand for more people. Many recruiters lack experience of overseas recruitment and depend only upon domestic sourcing.

Recruitment teams themselves are experiencing high turnover and escalating salaries and the demand for experienced recruiters is at an all-time high. Understaffed recruitment teams just compound the problem as unfilled vacancies keep building taking months to recover.

The services we can provide include-

  • Recruiting professionals at various levels.
  • Market analysis
  • Design and implementation of sourcing and recruitment campaigns
  • Attendance at job fairs
  • Volume or specialist recruitment projects
  • Shortlisting
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Access to pre-qualified vendors and suppliers
  • Access to best practice recruitment systems and processes

Benefits of these services include

1. Rapid mobilisation of resources.

2. Ensures access to best practice systems, tools, innovation, and marketing that are constantly developing and improving.

3. Coverts fixed cost into variable transactional cost.

4. Economies of scale through common vendor relationships.

5. Service level agreements that include performance KPIs, transparent costs and reporting.

6. Enhances employer brand through high level of candidate care and representation.

7. Allows Managers to focus on their core responsibilities.

8. De risks impact of attrition within internal Recruitment teams.

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