Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

Australia has a diverse manufacturing industry that includes food processing and manufacturing, beverages including brewed and bottled drinks, textiles, leather, clothing, footwear and accessories, wood products, pulp and paper products, printing including small and large production runs1. The manufacturing industry accounts for 48% of exports and 45% of Australian research and development2. The chemical industry is also present in Australia including the manufacture of many petrochemicals2. Many mining companies such as BHP and Comalco perform initial processing of raw materials.

  • food and beverages
  • tobacco products
  • textiles, leather, clothing, and footwear
  • wood, pulp, and paper products
  • printed goods
  • chemical products
  • metal and plastics manufacturing
  • machinery and equipment
  • furniture and household goods

The Australian Manufacturing industry employs 900,000 workers in a range of occupations. Including.
Structural Steel & Welding Trades, Production Managers, Metal Fitters & Machinists, Quality Assurance & Safety Managers, Finance & Accounting, Engineers (Plant, Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical).

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