Important Updates: Skilled Migrants Information

Australia has extensive public transport systems involving Bus, Rail, Tram, Light Rail and Ferries. They are operated by State or local Govts or by private contractors engaged by Govts. 1 in 7 Australians use public transport, particularly in the major cities.

Public Transport is a growing sector driven by population growth and measures taken to reduce traffic congestion in the major centres.

The sector is experiencing high growth and investment in infrastructure creating many new jobs for the foreseeable future.

New technologies are reshaping the industry with an increase in the use of automated and semi-automated vehicles which means that the workforce will need to be skilled in such things as digital literacy and data analytics. Many road transport companies have started transitioning to zero emission technology. For example, the NSW Dept of Transport NSW (capital city Sydney) has started transitioning its bus fleet to electric.

This sector employs a diverse range of occupations including; Vehicle Technicians, Diesel Mechanics , Ferry Masters, Rail Drivers, Marine Engineers, Rail Engineers, Transport Manager, Maintenance Planner, Finance & Accounting, IT and Bus Drivers.

Qualifications and Training for this sector.

For more information on qualifications and training packages, visit: – TLI – Transport and Logistics Training Package

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